R I T U A L  C L O A K

With its head in the city but heart in the mountains, Ritual Cloak encapsulates the need to escape the modern trappings of city living and embrace the call of the hills. We are extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful country as Wales. Its landscape has a major influence on the sound of the album, which we recorded at our studio in Cardiff with mastering by Charlie Francis. The cover art was designed by Jude Lau of The Printhaus by feeding audio of the entire album through a needle, drawing out a non-linear pattern onto a copper plate, effectively creating a unique work of art in direct response to the album.



R I T U A L  C L O A K  R E M I X E D

During the recording process we realised the potential for the tracks on Ritual Cloak to be remixed or reimagined. We invited some of our favourite artists from Wales and further afield to collaborate on Ritual Cloak Remixed, including contributions from Charlie Francis, Tom Ellis and CrashDisco as well as striking reworkings from Minas and Time Destroys All Things.