A P R E S  V O U S

Apres Vous Records was formed by the band Hold Your Horse Is in Camberley, Surrey. The label began life as a DIY vehicle by which the band could release their music. 


In 2012, Hold Your Horse Is drummer and Apres Vous founder, Chris Rouse, joined Cardiff's Samoans. Samoans immediately widened the label's reach, with front-man Daniel Barnett taking a co-leading role in the labels output. Samoans went on to release several singles and EPs as well as 2 albums via Apres Vous, the Welsh Music Prize nominated 'Rescue' in 2014, followed by the critically acclaimed 'Laika' in 2017. 


Samoans disbanded in 2018 but Daniel and Chris continue to release music through the label. In 2019 Chris's new project Axe Hand released the single 'Fuck Off In Capitals' with Daniel's new project Ritual Cloak releasing their self-titled debut on 27 September.



The sophomore record from Samoans featuring the singles, Patience, Future Ghost and Broken Hands.

Released September 29, 2017. 

Recorded by Todd Campbell at Stompbox Studios, Pontyclun. Mastered by Ade Emsley at Table of Tone Mastering.

The Independent - "Laika is a deeply rich and rewarding record"

Kerrang - "It's a gentle, charming concept that keep's the band's angular rock on the rightside of interesting KKKK"

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The Samoans/Freeze The Atlantic split EP was the culmination of the two bands relationship, with each providing their own unique take on each others’ 2014 singles ‘I Am Your Density’ and ‘Stompbox’. Additionally, the bands showcased a new original track; Freeze The Atlantic's ‘The Floor is Made of Lava’ and Samoans' ‘Wrong Cops’.

Released October 16, 2015. 

Tracks 1 & 2 Recorded/Produced July 2015 by Todd Campbell at Stompbox Studios, Pontyclun. Tracks 3 & 4 Recorded/Produced July 2015 by James Curtis at Plus 11 Studios, Chelmsford. Mastered by Ade Emsley at Table Of Tone Mastering. 

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The Welsh Music Prize nominated debut album featuring the singles, 'I Am Your Density' and 'Dancing On The Sea Lion'.

Released July 14, 2014.

Recorded by Todd Campbell at Stompbox Studios, Pontyclun. Mastered by Optimum Mastering.


Metal Hammer (8/10) - “They manage to instil the same icy, fragile beauty that Chino Moreno and company are famous for throughout.”

Rock Sound (8/10) - “It’s exciting, it’s promising and it’s tireless in its execution.”

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The long-awaited follow up to their 2011 debut album 'Rammin' It Home' (Big Scary Monsters), the sophomore album 'Frimley', named after two-thirds of the bands' hometown.


Released August 6, 2012.


Recorded by Gordon Mills. Mastered by Sam Manville. 


The 405 - "At one point, Hold Your Horse Is claim "It's a pleasure to have you around, I don't want to let you down," but the pleasure is all ours and they don't have to worry, they most certainly haven't let anyone down with Frimley. 8/10"


Stereoboard - "More than anything else 'Frimley' is fun. It has buckets of energy, and is an admirable achievement." 

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