Ritual Cloak is comprised of Daniel Barnett, formerly of the band Samoans, and drummer/producer Andrew Sanders.


The duo met in 2013 after Daniel answered an ad for a guitarist to join the backing band for singer Jemma Roper. An instant kinship was struck, with both Daniel and Andrew embracing experimentation and a shared love of electronic music.


After the split of Samoans in 2018, the pair began playing around with instrumental textures and piano-led ambient soundscapes, all resulting in their well-received debut in 2019. Early tracks such as Everyone Is Hungover So I Walked The Mountain Alone were quickly picked up by BBC Radio Wales and SWN Festival, culminating in their debut live show at the festival shortly afterwards.


In 2020 Ritual Cloak signed to Bubblewrap Collective Records, releasing a brand new track, I Lawr Ymhlith Y Tywyllwch, that revisited and rebuilt the glacial sonic wizardry of their debut brick-by-brick, glitch-by-glitch. 

2021 will be Ritual Cloak's most ambitious year yet, releasing two full-length albums, Divine Invasions (released in May 2021) and A Human Being Is The Best Disguise (released in October 2021), a reworking of Ritual Cloak’s debut release, with new lyrics and vocals by writer, comedian and spoken word performer Autumn Juvenile.


A cover of R.E.M.'s Orange Crush is to be released in August as part of A Carnival of Sorts: an R.E.M. covers compilation in Aid of Help Musicians, followed later in the winter by a further collaboration with Polish photographer Michal Iwanowski.